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Before Ikuta joined Hello! Project, she was a model with Elegant Promotion, and had a blog where she posted photos of what she was doing and outfits she wore. Erina Ikuta was selected from Morning Musume's ninth generation "Kyūki Audition" to join the group on January 2, 2011, along with Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki, and former Hello Pro Egg Mizuki Fukumura.[1][2] The new generation was officially revealed at the Hello! Project 2011 Winter: Kangei Shinsen Matsuri concert, and they participated in the songs "Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!" and "Tomo". Ikuta made her official debut on Morning Musume's 45th single "Maji Desu ka Ska!", released on April 6, 2011. On July 30, 2011 Ikuta cut her hair very short.

In August 2011, she replaced the graduated Saki Ogawa of S/mileage on the children's morning program Oha Suta as an Oha Girl.[3] On March 27, 2012, Ikuta and Oha Girl Maple have graduated from the show. [4] On March 27, 2012, she graduated from Oha Star and Oha Girl Maple. On April 18, it was announced that Tanaka Reina and Morning Musume's 9th & 10th Generation members would star in a new stage play titled Stacey’s Shoujo Saisatsu Kageki. The musical was scheduled to run from June 6-12.

Morning Musume member colorEdit

First, Erina Ikuta was assigned the color purple. In July 2012, it was changed to yellow-green, the color of Risa Niigaki, who had graduated from Morning Musume on May 19. Erina very much wanted Risa's color, so her official color was changed to yellow-green.[5]

Hello! Project groups and unitsEdit

Singles participated inEdit

Morning Musume
Hello! Project Mobekimasu



  • [2011.7.2] Greeting: Erina Ikuta (Greeting 〜生田衣梨奈〜)



  • [2012] Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)
TV Programs
  • [2011] UstreaMusume



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