3 Colorful Character (⑬カラフルキャラクター Jūsan Karafuru Kyarakuta?) is the thirteenth studio album by the Japanese girl group Morning Musume. It was release on September 12, 2012.[1]

Background [edit]Edit

It will be the first Morning Musume album to feature tenth generation members Haruna IikuboAyumi IshidaMasaki Sato and Haruka Kudo.

The album will be released in two versions: Limited Edition (CD+DVD) and Regular Edition (CD).

Track listing [edit]Edit

All songs written and composed by Tsunku

No. Title Arrangement Length
1. "One Two Three(One・Two・Three) 4:28
2. "What's Up? Ai wa Dō na no yo~" (What's Up? 愛はどうなのよ~, "What's Up? What about Love?") 5:22
3. "Be Alive"   5:32
4. "Lalala no Pipipi" (ラララのピピピ, "Lalala and Pipipi")

(Performed by Sayumi Michishige))

5. "Dokkān Capriccio" (ドッカ~ン カプリッチオ, "Bang Capriccio") 3:12
6. "The Matenrō Show(The 摩天楼ショー, "The Skyscraper Show") 5:19
7. "Zero kara Hajimaru Seishun" (ゼロから始まる青春, "Youth That Starts from Nothing") 5:09
8. "Ren'ai Hunter(恋愛ハンター, "Love Hunter") 4:45
9. "Chikyū ga Naiteiru" (地球が泣いている, "The Earth is Crying") 5:15
10. "Namida Hitoshizuku" (涙一滴, "A Teardrop")

(Performed by Reina Tanaka))

11. "Waratte! You" (笑って!YOU, "Smile! You")

(Performed by the 9th and 10th generations))

12. "Pyoco Pyoco Ultra[2](ピョコピョコ ウルトラ, "Bouncy Bouncy Ultra" or "Peep Peep Ultra") 4:57
Total length: 00:57:22

Charts [edit]Edit

Chart (2012) Peak


Oricon Daily Albums Chart 5
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 6
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart[3] 32
Billboard Japan Top Albums 5